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CCTV Security And IP Digital Surveillance Systems

Combined with other security measures, CCTV surveillance cameras can be an effective tool in the fight against crime. CCTV monitoring of your business or home not only provides a visual aid to the security and safety of the property but can further provide an aid to the security and safety of your staff and those who may visit the area.

G2 will design, install and maintain a CCTV or surveillance system to suit your requirements. External, Internal and Covert Cameras, using the latest in Digital Recording. CCTV is a superb daytime management tool, providing you with both a visible deterrent and views of key and vulnerable areas.


Whether you require a keyholder or police response, we offer a comprehensive range of remote Monitoring options from simple Alarm Signalling solutions to full Visual Confirmation and support from a specialist ARC Alarm Receiving Centre. You can be contacted via telephone, mobile phone, text message alert or email and we can provide you with the facility to view live and recorded images of your premises via the internet.

The CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) technology industry has become a dynamic industry and now aligned with IP based communication surveillance networks. G2 utilise the most current camera and Digital recorder technology available to enable all types of premises to be monitored inside and out and in even the most unfavourable of environmental conditions.

  • Complete design and installation
  • Comprehensive range of Digital Video Recorders
  • Remote viewing via Broadband
  • Remote video monitoring - Watch live and recorded images on your Local Area Network
  • Contracted routine maintenance
  • Suitable for Police evidence and potential prosecution tool
  • The latest generation of infra-red, compact and day/Night cameras

The clearest of images can now be stored and replayed to be used in a wide variety of ways from police evidence of crime, to Health and Safety monitoring and to visual and audio verification of staff, callers and personnel.

CCTV - Choosing The Right Installer

Whatever your requirements for a CCTV installation, from a ‘basic’ observation system to a fully integrated, remote monitored system, you will need to have complete confidence in your CCTV installer. G2 Security is the CCTV installer that meets this requirement.

G2 will visit your premises, at a time convenient to you, to meet and discuss the main objectives you are seeking to achieve by installing a CCTV Surveillance System. Whilst on site G2 will also undertake a full risk assessment, site survey, and will present you with proposals / solutions that meet your requirements.

As a CCTV installer G2 have vast experience, not just in designing CCTV Surveillance Systems, but also in undertaking CCTV installation and providing you with ongoing service & maintenance. G2 provide the complete, inclusive package.

All CCTV installation work and any subsequent service & maintenance is undertaken by experienced G2 Security engineers. We do not sub-contract. This continuity provides our customers with the assurance they are dealing with the right CCTV installer.

Some key points to consider when installing a CCTV Surveillance System:

  • What is the main objective of the system?
  • Which are the critical areas on site which require protection / surveillance?
  • Will dome cameras providing discreet surveillance or static cameras providing constant surveillance of a particular area be preferable?
  • What detail will the camera views provide? Recognition or just general monitoring views? This will determine what type of camera and lens combinations are used.
  • Is the current lighting adequate?
  • What recording capacity will be required?
  • Is it beneficial to “network” the Digital recorder, providing staff with access to view live or recorded images either on the premises, or remotely when off-site?
  • Is there a requirement for an Alarm Receiving Centre to be contacted in the event of intruder activity.

As a professional CCTV installer G2 Security Solutions will guide you through this process with solutions to ensure that the CCTV Surveillance System fulfills your needs and meets all your requirements. Our business is protecting yours.


  • HikVision
  • Uniview

Other manufactures

  • ANPR
  • Ip & Coax Systems
  • App enabled

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