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Alarm Security and Intruder Deterrence Solutions

Intruder alarm solutions YorkshireIf you require an Intruder Alarm System, let G2 install and service it for you. Whether your requirement is for a basic "stand alone " system, or a remote monitored alarm, G2 Security are the intruder alarm specialists that will help you.

Whether you require a keyholder or Police response, we offer a comprehensive range of remote monitoring options from simple alarm signalling solutions to full visual confirmation and support from a specialist ARC Alarm Receiving Centre. You can be contacted via telephone, mobile phone, text message alert or email and we can provide you with the facility to view live and recorded images of your premises via the internet.

G2 are NACOSS GOLD accredited and registered installers, as such certified to current British and European Standards. Read more ...



Anyone who has suffered  the financial and emotional impact that a break-in can cause does not need to be told the importance of taking all possible means to protect their property. The presence of effective security measures such as a professionally installed burgular alarm can play a significant role in deterring potential intruders.

Your insurance company may already have provided you with specific requirements - G2 Securitys experienced staff can help you with an interpretation, and explain all the available options and design the best type of system for your premises.

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Audible Only Deterrence Systems

  • Installed to P6662 2010 (EU standard for intrusion & hold-up alarm systems) 
  • Sounders activate inside and outside
  • Strobe light flashes outside
  • Will automatically cut-off after maximum of 15 minutes
  • Battery back-up in the control panel and external sounder Dialler Alarm Systems

Dialler Alarm Systems

  • Possible insurance discounts when NSI certification is issued
  • Engineers will leave your property in the same condition
  • Stand-alone GSM diallers systems for sites with no landline.

Monitored Alarm Systems

  • DIgital communicator - sends a digital alerts our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to notify a desgnated key holder
  • BT Redcare - constant communication from the alarm system to the ARC when secure communication is needed
  • BT Redcare GSM - whan a ‘dual path’ communication is needed.
    (For confirmed and sequential alarm systems, and to qualify for automatic Police response).

CSL Dualcom Systems

  • A more affordable dual path signalling method for domestic and commercial alarm systems.
  • Stand alone GSM Dialler systems - for situations where no landline is available

The Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Alarm receiving centreThe Alarm Receiving Centre used by G2 Security is one of the most technologically advanced control rooms in the UK  - both in terms of IT and telecommunications. Its operatives are highly experienced and skilled  The Alarm Receiving Station is manned 24hrs / 365 days per year, ensuring clients receive constant protection day and night.

The alarm receiving centre monitors all types of alarms, including: Intruder, Fire, Panic, Freezer, Medical, Power Failure, Disabled People, Vault, Opening and Closing Management, Flood Warning, Access Control, Ambient Temperature, Humidity Level, Machinery Monitoring and Controlled Environment Monitoring.

The ARC are fully NACOSS accredited and operate within the strict guidelines of ISO 9001:2000 as well as BS 5979. For contingency the the Alarm Receiving Station operates a failsafe ‘hot backup’ also.

All G2 systems can be integrated with CCTV, fire alarms, security lighting and personal attack alarms for comprehensive protection for employees, buildings and site perimeters.

For qualified advice and more information on current alarm security technology options

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G2  - accredited with NACOSS Gold for intruder alarm services

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