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Access control solutions YorkshireHave control over who gains access to your business or site. G2 supply stand-alone or PC networked based systems designed specifically for your needs. G2’s systems can be integrated with gates, barriers and turnstiles, CCTV and Alarms.

This also includes ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) systems - Identification of vehicle movement entering and leaving site is becoming an essential management and security tool for many businesses. You can not only log all vehicle movement but also control access permissions to site through barriers or automatic gates via the ANPR software. The ANPR System will also alert to specific individual number plates


G2 Integrated Security Solutions can tailor, deploy and maintain  the best access control security solutions  available to ensure efficient entry control and limit access to secure areas and subsequent movement within premises to safeguard property.

Access Control systems can range from a simple door entry system which links you with your outside caller for audio and visual identification and allows you to ‘buzz them in’, to fully integrated systems designed for large commercial or administrative premises.

Exterior access can be controlled by the installation of auto gates, rising bollards and barriers, all available to be operated by remote devices.

Building entry methods can be by swipe or key card, even voice or biometric recognition. Personnel movements can be tracked, monitored and restricted,  and the IT control equipment can also be linked into building managemen systems, plant and equipment control, fire alarm and intruder alarm systems etc.

A rapidly increasing number of clients are taking advantage of the increased levels of site security provided by these facilities and their integration capabilities.

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